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Now THIS one i'm proud of! He's a redesign pf this boyo right here:…

I liked Ronan's story ideas but I just didn't like his design? Oh well, I love it now. He's a pure, uncommon Inkdrian. It's 4 am now and I'm exhausted but if anyone is willing to learn more about him, (and any of my other OCs), I'm always willing to talk about 'em on Discord! Just ask me and I'll send you my discord in notes or whatever!

Ronan belongs to me

I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog or the Inkdrian subspecies
Just a Malfunction
just sorta venty shit from february/march, nothing to really worry about. i just liked the sketch a lot

While ALVIS has a glitch/or virus in his system, ALVIS2.0 is literally a malfunction, her coding was unexpectedly changed by one of her creators when she was too far in development and it messes with her a lot 

ALVIS AND ALVIS2.0 belong to me

I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog or the Inkdrian subspecies
This one's called Dreamer(Placeholder name most likely). they're a satyr and usually dye their hair (natural hair color is brown, like in the pic). They have a crush on this space goddess lady who's always trying to talk to them in their dreams (She's one of the gods from the Shelby pic). Dreamer's gonna go on some quest thing to find her?? They sorta live on a farming area so they don't actually live at the forest the space goddess lady is from, but they end up there and help Shelby and co!

Dreamer and other characters mentioned belong to me
Another adopted baby! Gosh, I love her colors, and this outfit looks so good on her!!

She is a fangirl and is into all sorts of obscure fandoms. She is very defensive of her OTPs and shamefully gets into shipping wars sometimes.
She loves to collect merchandise of her favorite shows and games, even if she doesn't really need it.
Childish and extroverted, but has a witty sense of humor and forgives (and forgets) easily.

^That was Tamatanium's info they had on her, and I'm still going with that, and adding a few stuff!

So basically Shelby is about fourteen, and she's an artist (the stripes and spots are all painted on), and she lives in a city that's kinda near a huge and somewhat enchanted forest, and she's from a pretty wealthy family. A wealthy family who is somewhat uncaring and is constantly trying to get Shelby to "grow up" and inherit their company someday. Her parents hate the thought of her doing the art she is so passionate about, since she is the only child, so the only one to inherit their big company. Their company basically does architect stuff like buildings?? They are currently trying to get parts of the forest destroyed so they'll have more land to either build more stuff (because OF COURSE, a city with three golf courses need another!) Shelby likes the idea of designing stuff, but not at the cost of destroying such an old forest!

Shelby ends up sneaking into the forest one day, dragging along her best friend Zirka along (another character I adopted from Tama). Together they kind of discover that the forest itself is pretty much home to a bunch of animals, mythical creatures, and a lot of magic users (mainly a grump old ink shaman, who they later found out was named Cyrus), and the two end up stumbling across an old abandoned shrine dedicated to all these godlike entities that have been locked away, and a huge amount of people now don't even know the existence of. This gives Shelby an idea. Not a good idea, but an idea nonetheless: If there's a shaman, maybe he can help the two summon some of these godlike entities to stop the forest getting destroyed? Of course the shaman told them no, and that they shouldn't be messing with stuff they don't understand, especially when it involves gods that have been locked away. There has to be a reason they've been locked away, and that's how it should stay.

Of course, did Shelby listen? Nope. She was tired of listening to others, tired of them telling her what she can and cannot to. She was NOT going to sit around and let her rich, selfish family destroy a large, mostly untouched forest that was full of life. She was not going to let all that history, all that culture, all that flora and fauna just get chucked aside for some stupid, unneeded buildings! If the grumpy old man wasn't going to help, Shelby would just find someone else. If there was a shaman living in this forest, there would be more magic users willing to help, right? Well there was, a young witch to be exact. She listened to their story, the predicament that would of course affect her home, and her life. The witch was young, she looked no older than twelve after all! So she agreed to help. The trio arrived back at the abandoned shrine and began their work to summon all these gods. They had been locked away for so long, the witch didn't even know of their existence, or who they were. But, despite their efforts, nothing happened. No godlike entities sprang out of the ground, ready to help. Just... nothing.

The trio thought their ritual failed, so they went to leave the old, empty shrine. But they were ambushed by some dark and demonic creatures. They did summon something, but not with their ritual. The old shrine was home not only to locked away gods, but to power-hungry demons and monsters and creatures. No one had used magic in that part of the forest for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They saw the chance and took it! Three lives didn't matter to them, nothing mattered expect that scent of powerful magic. They wanted it, no, NEEDED it. This was how the trio would've died, and their stories would've ended here except the for fact that one god was summoned, not a powerful god, not an important god. A lower god, called Uju (also adopted from Tama). Uju had awoken, and protected them from these nightmarish creatures, but at a terrible price.

Scorpius, a cult leader, and overall awful person had been waiting for this moment for so long. Everything had fallen into place. Scorpius was one of the very few who knew of the existence of these godlike entities, and he knew the risks of summoning one, so he waited, placing an alarm spell of sorts around the shrine, so he would know when someone would make the first move. Now that one god had been released from their prison, the rest would be ready to bring forth without... many consequences. Now he could bring the more powerful one into this world, and with it's power, he could recreate this painful excuse for a world. Soon everyone could be treated as equals, in the perfect would created by him. Of course, as the old myth went, the god capable of all this was locked away and destroyed, and would need a vessel to be reborn from. To be brought back good as new, if not even better than before!

He looked over to Eden, his significant other. Broken, bruised and so mentally and emotionally destroyed by him. Of course, it was for the better good, they should be thanking him. Being chosen to bring an ancient god into this world should be an honor, and he chose them of all people to do it! Sure, this ritual would kill Eden, but it was such a small price to pay. Eden wouldn't care anyway; after all, Scorpius had convinced Eden that no one would love them, everyone who knew Eden hated them, and of course, who would care if Eden died? No one. So of course, Eden didn't really have anyone to live for. It was the most flawless, perfect plan.

After befriending Uju, and telling him what was going on, he agreed to help. This forest was his home too, even if he hadn't seen it in over a thousand years. A few days later, Shelby and Zirka went back into the forest to meet up with Uju and the witch, only to find out some cult had tried to bring back one of the most dangerous gods, and somehow this manged to have all the other godlike creatures awakening and slowly breaking from their chains. And the worst part? Eden, the being who was chosen by Scorpius to bring the powerful godlike entity into the world had his ritual interrupted halfway through by an incredibly angry Cyrus. He was livid to say the least. But now he was stuck with an abuse victim who had what was supposed to be a half formed godlike entity inside of them. of course, he had his own uses for Eden, but he had to remove what was inside of Eden first.

Shelby's original plans for saving the forest are put on hold as she has to reverse her mistakes before it's too late. Cyrus interrupting the cult's ritual only prolonged the entity inside Eden, and it would only be a matter of months before the ritual automatically starts up again. Along with all this, Shelby will discover a family secret she wishes stayed in the dark.

Holy heck that went longer than expected! Like d a m n
But yeah, looks like Shelby and other characters I mentioned are now roped into the whole Cyrus and Eden thing oops-

I adopted Shelby (And Zirka and Uju) from Tamatanium who originally adopted her from Skitilla I think?
I adopted Shelby's outfit from MimikyuDawn 

All characters mentioned belong to me
I think? All slots are closed? May reopen again once I've done these ones!

like what the title says, I'm trying to get back into drawing, so if anyone wants to art trade I'm down to, I guess?
the best I can do for now is traditional, so they'll be something like these:

Will be taking about... 3 slots? I'm not too fussed if you do traditional or digital. Can do one character per picture or two characters/couple pic, unless we're doing chibi art trades, then I can do three characters max. If you wanna do that one, I have two chibi styles? The lil squishy cheebs in the third example, and my regular chibis (No traditional example yet tho) Inkdrian Chibis - Batch 3

These will be uploaded in the morning when the sun is out (Currently 3:45 am, accidentally slept in the afternoon so I'll be up all day whoops)
I can do humans(I guess?), Mobians, Seedrians (and the subspecies). If confused, just ask, okay?
also tell me if you're not comfortable/or unable to draw chubby characters, because I got a few of them

1: Apricotthevixen -  Done!  Art Trade - Apricotthevixen by KateTheRaccoon
2: melodeycooperGrass the Grass Seedrien
3: Zougethebat  - Zouge the bat's new look

Edit: Added a few more slots because more people were interested than i thought

4: DarkGlacialKnight  - Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Gijinka
5: xPrettyCutex - [Character ref needed]
6: wizardryandallthat - Done!  Art Trade - wizardryandallthat by KateTheRaccoon


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will write this later w h o o p s


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